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The main program software of this website provides licensed use of commercial software. Software users (including individuals, legal persons or other organizations, etc.):

Part 1 (Authorization):

1: The main program software needs to be authorized to use! It may not be used for any profit or non-profit purpose without authorization.

2: Without the consent of the author, the copyright of the page is deleted or the technology is blocked for use, and the right to pursue legal responsibility is reserved.

3: If other software/plug-in/Web application from software market requires the authorization of the original author, it also needs to be authorized for use.

Part 2 (Copyright):

1: Copyright must remain unless the original author of soft expressly consents.

2: In order to meet the actual needs, after authorization, only the service provider has the right to make necessary modifications to its functions, performance, interface, etc., but shall not remove the copyright link on the page; and shall not provide the modified software to any third party.

3: After the software is modified by itself, the source should still be indicated, and the modified software shall not be provided to any third party.

4: Other acts that infringe software copyright are not allowed.

Part 3 (Others):

1: If the use of the software violates local laws, it has the right to stop the authorization and close the software without notice.

2: The content/plug-in/web application/service of the software is uploaded by the website owner or a third party, not related to our website and our main software. All losses and consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by the user.

Any individual, legal person or other organization that does not agree with the above statement, please stop using this program, otherwise it will be deemed that you agree with the above statement.

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