Handling steps of agency service
1: Registered member if you are not a member of our company, please click here to register as a member of our company;
2: Submit the application and contact our customer service, fill in and submit the agent application form;
3: If the application is successful, our business specialist will review your application after seeing it. If it is approved or not, he will reply to you by phone or email;
4: When you receive the approval, please go through the prepayment formalities, fax or scan the remittance voucher and email it to our company (please write your user name on the fax and indicate "apply to be our agent"; when the business specialist of our company sees the fax or email of remittance voucher, he can handle relevant matters for you in time and inform you.
Agent level of our company
Gold medal - agent or individual can act as agent, advance payment 1500USD / year / county
Platinum - agents or individuals can act as agents, with an advance payment of 3800USD / year / City
Diamond - agents or individuals can act as agents, prepayment 8000USD / year / tier one city
Partner 20000 USD / year / country, need own customer service and website maintenance personnel
As a regional agent, the above can monopolize the region to develop new customers from the agent, and protect the interests of agents and partners to the greatest extent. The contract is signed once a year.
Rights enjoyed by the agent:
1. Our agent enjoys our preferential agency price (please contact our customer service for the specific price list), and enjoys the independent agency website provided by our company, including domain name, space, and a unified corporate email;
2. The agent will get our company's comprehensive technical support. Our company has a special technical support center and customer service center to provide support 24 hours a day. Once you encounter technical problems, you can contact with the technical support department at any time, and will receive meticulous and thoughtful service;
3. Our network will give guidance and support to your business development, and help and solve the problems encountered by agents in business development as much as possible;
4. We will do our best to protect the reasonable rights and interests of agents from infringement, and help you to complete all kinds of website businesses entrusted by customers in various regions.
Conditions enjoyed by the agent:
1. An individual or enterprise unit that can bear civil liability independently;
2. Can independently issue legal and effective invoices for the users you have developed;
3. Convenient Internet communication conditions and necessary equipment;
4. A certain amount of domain name real-time registration and virtual opening prepayment shall be paid (the above agency fee will be used to deduct the customer's payment, and the prepayment will not be refunded, but it can be used effectively for a long time).
The above content is for reference only, please refer to the actual signed agreement and contract.
If you don't want to invest in anything, but you have a good business relationship in the local area, you can also become a part-time salesman of our company, with more work, more income and no upper limit.

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